Qualified & Experienced Plumbers

Here at Cotech Solutions our plumbers are industry experts and qualified to work in all areas of asbestos removal, minimising disruption to your business and premises.

Plumbing Maintenance Can Be Risky Business

Pipe lagging installed between 1940 and 1980 is likely to be asbestos-based. Not only is this insulation one of the most common asbestos-based building materials, it is among the most likely to release fibres when disturbed and can contain up to 85% asbestos. This can make plumbing and heating maintenance a significant health risk to those nearby. However, not all contractors know where they are likely to find asbestos, how to identify it and what to do when it’s found. Contractors without this essential knowledge may accidentally damage the asbestos while they work or fail to notice and respond appropriately to asbestos that is already deteriorating, posing a risk to people who enter your premises.

What Can I Do to Minimise the Risk?

At Cotech Solutions, we pride ourselves on robust asbestos awareness and meticulous HSE compliance. Each of our experienced plumbers is fully trained in asbestos removal and attends annual refresher training to make sure their knowledge stays up-to-date. By understanding the risks associated with working with asbestos and the appropriate precautions to take, we ensure any works are completed quickly and safely.

With our plumbers, your asbestos concerns will be water under the bridge. Click here to request a quote or call one of our team on 0141 8832408.