Asbestos Trained Flood Response

At Cotech Solutions our team of engineers and asbestos flood rescue teams are trained to work in flood asbestos effected areas. We can pump out asbestos effected water and clean up in asbestos flooded or leaked areas.

Although asbestos is not normally harmful unless disturbed, flood waters can damage the integrity of buildings, exposing asbestos contaminated flooring, walls and ceilings, breaking down any asbestos present into fine fibres and bringing this dangerous material to the surface.

Some asbestos fibres are waterproof and can sit on the surface of water, risking being inhaled once they dry out and posing a serious health hazard. Our trained and qualified team can safely remove this asbestos.

We Offer a Round The Clock Service

At Cotech Solutions our team of engineers can respond 24/7 to emergency situations.

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